What is a Bulwark?

What is a Bulwark?

A Bulwark is a protective safeguard that is constructed for the purpose of providing defense from an enemy.

When I first started this blog I fully intended to connect with other like minded conservatives, but the more time I spent immersed in the online political network the more it became obvious that neither party has all the answers. The best hope for our country is for us to find a way to work together.

Instead of focusing on one side over the other this blog is directed towards those who LEAN to the Right or Left.

The voters who understand that blind party loyalty is foolish. We need to take the best ideas from both parties and find solutions. I am tired of the infighting, division, polarization and the overall discord that is now considered the norm in today’s political arena.  

I am a conservative, but my passion lies on the fiscal side of the ideology. I am comfortable in my values, and I have no need to force by beliefs on anyone else. If you feel the need to convert someone to your ideology then this blog is not for you. This is a Bi-Partisan blog intent on finding individuals who use logic and reasoning to deal with the issues of the day.

I will focus mainly on the Economic and Political News in Today’s headlines. I will offer a different perspective and properly explain more complicated issues regarding tax and economic positions of the United States. My area of expertise is corporate financial/cost budgetary. I have a masters in Accounting and work for a top manufacturer of flexible packaging.

I am not limited to strict economic explanations. I will also provide personal observations regarding the major issues in the news and offer honest assessments about different strategic stances the GOP and Democratic party should initiate.

I encourage readers to send any questions/feedback (Here) regarding current issues or ways I may be able to improve my website. I will do my best to contact you within 24 hours. 

Another goal is to establish a reference database complete with links to different on line resources. The purpose being to offer readers a quick access to common questions concerning the history of American Politics, policy stances and legislation. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to hear from you soon!

“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.” ~~Abraham Lincoln

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