Economic Indicators

Key Economic Indicators for 2012 YTD to the Month of November

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  • DeckhairsDeckchairsTop Economic Indicators
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsGDP
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsM2 (Money Supply)
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsConsumer Price Index (CPI)
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsProducer Price Index (PPI)
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsConsumer Confidence Survey
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsCurrent Employ Stats (CES)
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsRetail Trade Sales & Food Sales
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsHousing Starts
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsManufact. & Trade Inventory
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsS&P 500 Stock Index
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsStock Market
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsManufacturing Activity
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsInventory Levels
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsRetail Sales
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsBuilding Permits
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsHousing Market
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsChanges in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsIncome and Wages
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsUnemployment Rate
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsConsumer Price Index (Inflation)
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsCurrency Strength
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsInterest Rates
  • DeckhairsDeckchairsValue of Commodity Substitutes to U.S. Dollar
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