2014 Senate Elections


2014 Senate Elections

Date: November 4th, 2014

Contested Seats: 33

  • Democratic: 20
  • Republican: 13

Contest Summary:

State Incumbent Party Opposing candidates 2008 Election Results
Alabama Jeff Sessions Republican   Jeff Sessions(Republican) 63%,  Vivian Davis Figures(Democratic) 37%
Alaska Mark Begich Democratic   Mark Begich(Democratic) 48%, Ted Stevens(Republican) 47%, Other 5%
Arkansas Mark Pryor Democratic   Mark Pryor(Democratic) 80%,Rebekah Kennedy(Green) 21%
Colorado Mark Udall Democratic   Mark Udall(Democratic) 53%, Bob Schaffer(Republican) 43%, Other 4%
Delaware Chris Coons Democratic   Joe Biden(Democratic) 65%,Christine O’Donnell(Republican) 35%
Georgia Saxby Chambliss Republican   Saxby Chambliss(Republican) 57%, Jim Martin(Democratic) 43%
Idaho Jim Risch Republican   Jim Risch(Republican) 58%, Larry LaRocco(Democratic) 34%, Other 8%
Illinois Richard Durbin Democratic   Richard Durbin(Democratic) 68%, Steve Sauerberg(Republican) 29%, Other 3%
Iowa Tom Harkin Democratic   Tom Harkin(Democratic) 63%,Christopher Reed(Republican) 37%
Kansas Pat Roberts Republican   Pat Roberts(Republican) 60%, Jim Slattery(Democratic) 36%, Other 4%
Kentucky Mitch McConnell Republican   Mitch McConnell(Republican) 53%, Bruce Lunsford(Democratic) 47%
Louisiana Mary Landrieu Democratic   Mary Landrieu(Democratic) 52%, John Kennedy(Republican) 46%, Other 2%
Maine Susan Collins Republican   Susan Collins(Republican) 61%, Tom Allen(Democratic) 39%
Massachusetts John Kerry Democratic   John Kerry(Democratic) 66%, Jeff Beatty(Republican) 31%, Other 3%
Michigan Carl Levin Democratic   Carl Levin(Democratic) 63%, Jack Hoogendyk(Republican) 34%, Other 3%
Minnesota Al Franken Democratic   Al Franken(Democratic) 42%, Norm Coleman(Republican) 42%, Dean Barkley(MIP) 15%
Mississippi Thad Cochran Republican   Thad Cochran(Republican) 61%, Erik R. Fleming(Democratic) 39%
Montana Max Baucus Democratic   Max Baucus(Democratic) 73%, Bob Kelleher(Republican) 27%
Nebraska Mike Johanns Republican   Mike Johanns(Republican) 58%, Scott Kleeb(Democratic) 40%, Other 2%
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen Democratic   Jeanne Shaheen(Democratic) 52%, John E. Sununu(Republican) 45%, Other 3%
New Jersey Frank Lautenberg Democratic   Frank Lautenberg(Democratic) 56%, Dick Zimmer(Republican) 42%, Other 2%
New Mexico Tom Udall Democratic   Tom Udall(Democratic) 61%, Steve Pearce(Republican) 39%
North Carolina Kay Hagan Democratic   Kay Hagan(Democratic) 53%,Elizabeth Dole(Republican) 44%, Other 3%
Oklahoma Jim Inhofe Republican   Jim Inhofe(Republican) 57%,Andrew Rice(Democratic) 39%, Other 4%
Oregon Jeff Merkley Democratic   Jeff Merkley(Democratic) 49%,Gordon Smith(Republican) 46%, Other 5%
Rhode Island Jack Reed Democratic   Jack Reed(Democratic) 73%, Robert Tingle(Republican) 27%
South Carolina Lindsey Graham Republican   Lindsey Graham(Republican) 58%, Bob Conley(Democratic) 42%
South Dakota Tim Johnson Democratic Mike Rounds Tim Johnson(Democratic) 63%, Joel Dykstra(Republican) 37%
Tennessee Lamar Alexander Republican   Lamar Alexander(Republican) 65%, Bob Tuke(Democratic) 32%, Other 3%
Texas John Cornyn Republican   John Cornyn(Republican) 55%, Rick Noriega(Democratic) 43%, Other 2%
Virginia Mark Warner Democratic   Mark Warner(Democratic) 65%, Jim Gilmore(Republican) 34%, Other 1%
West Virginia Jay Rockefeller Democratic Shelley Moore Capito Jay Rockefeller(Democratic) 64%, Jay Wolfe(Republican) 36%
Wyoming Mike Enzi Republican   Mike Enzi(Republican) 76%, Chris Rothfuss(Democratic) 24%



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