Obamacare: Smith & Nephew Announce Layoffs due to Excise Tax

Obamacare: Smith & Nephew Announce Layoffs due to Excise Tax


Smith & Nephew Orthopedics is laying off an estimated 100 employees in Memphis and Andover, Mass., citing the 2.3 percent excise tax on orthopedic device companies as the reason.

Joe Metzger, senior vice president of corporate communications for Smith & Nephew, said the tax is impacting “a number of companies across the U.S.”

“Smith & Nephew is not immune from this added expense burden,” Metzger said in a statement. “Unfortunately, and in order to absorb this cost burden into our business, this has meant less than 100 positions have been made redundant across various departmental functions in our Tennessee and Massachusetts sites. The company is providing the affected employees with a comprehensive severance package and outplacement support.” …More

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  1. Two things come to mind which, are rarely mentioned are the huge escalation in premiums and the decline in the quality of health-care. Theses were designed into Obamacare to: 1- force a single payer plan on each and every person in America, 2- to place age limits on the standard of care (below the age of eight and over 70). These are the death panels that Sara Palin was vilified for mentioning but she was exactly right.

    This follows the United Nations population reduction plan to a tee and is truly the definition of “Sustainability” Obamacare is geared around population control that is what rationing is. This means that treatment that a doctor and patient deem advisable to save that patient’s life or preserve or improve
    the patient’s health, but which exceeds the standard imposed by the government, will be denied even if
    the patient is willing and able to pay for it. “It is truly astounding that this extreme form of rationing has gone almost unremarked even by critics of the Independent Payment Advisory Board,” said National Right to Life Executive Director David N. O’Steen, Ph.D. “That means it is up to grass-roots pro-lifers to make both their elected representatives and media outlets aware of the facts, and of how important it is that the Independent Payment Advisory Board be repealed.”These are the death panels that Sara Palin was vilified for mentioning, but she was spot on.

    What angers me is, no one is talking about this on a national level. This a huge winning issue for our side but all the national level strategists and advisers keep pushing the jobs mantra and pro-lifers talk about is abortion and nothing else. THERE IS MUCH MORE TO A PRO-LIFE STANCE THAN STOPPING ABORTION!

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