Layoff Announcements for January 23,2013

Daily Layoff Announcements 2013

Total January Announced Layoffs = 23,137 Jobs

Lloyds Banking Group: 1300

The Media has reported over 18 companies, corporations, hospitals, schools and airlines that are announcing plans to layoff parts of their workforce, bringing yesterday’s known total to 4,177. This is up from the 1/22/2013 announcement of 3,686 layoffs. That number was mainly attributed to Blockbuster Video’s plan to cut 3,000 jobs.

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Companies Announcing Layoffs:

Unicredit ( Germany ) - 1,000
Italy's Unipol - 2,200
Andersen Corp. - Temp Layoffs
Umicore Optical Materials - 37
Leap Wireless International Inc - 120
Lloyds Bank - 1,300 in Past Few Days
Richmond Schools Va. - Layoffs Possible
IBM - Plans more Layoffs this Year?
Airline Flybe ( International ) - 300
Grand Rapids Home Veterans - 144 Notices
Summa Health System - 54
North Memorial Medical Health Center in Robbinsdale Minnesota - Some Layoffs
Umicore Optical Materials - 34
RMT Inc - 30
UTC Aerospace in Windsor Locks - 71
Calhoun County Hospital Arlington, Ga - 29
Update: JP Morgan Chase Bank - 121
Glendale Memorial Hospital - Layoffs Poss.

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