An Open Letter to the Media : Do Your Job!

Open Appeal to the Media: Please quit blaming an obscure video for the riots in the Middle East and start holding President Obama accountable for his actions. If this is really the reaction of Al Qaeda to a ridiculous Youtube trailer, what exactly do you think will

What are you really protecting?

be the reaction when the Obama Administration’s Hollywood film comes out in December?

The point has long passed where speculation can be tossed around as to whether a poorly shot trailer is the reason for the bloody rash of protests in the Middle East beginning on 9/11/2012, which directly resulted in the brutal death of United States Ambassador Christopher Stevens along with 3 others in Libya. Even now, the president has teetered back and forth still wanting to assign the trailer with partial blame , which is the wrong message to send to those who wish us ill. At this very moment, an American soldier is putting his/her life on the line defending the very ideals Americans hold in the highest regard. And we have a president who looks inept, unsure, and more interested in campaigning then actually running this country. The Administration seems to spend every waking moment trying to appease the most radical of terrorists knowing full well there is not an apology sweet enough to resonate with someone whose fundamentals are the complete opposite from our own. President Obama, what do you hope to accomplish? We need a leader. We need strength. We need someone who makes National Security a priority. We do not want a president who, after learning of the brutal death of Ambassador Stevens, flies off to Las Vegas to make a campaign speech!

For an entire week Obama’s refusal to completely disavow the internet video as inconsequential, and not put responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the terrorists in Libya was bordering on insulting and trailing into the area of incompetence. Our fundamental right to free speech should never be something we apologize for, and to hold one American responsible for these horrific acts in order to pacify extremists and focus more energy into being reelected is unconscionable as a leader! President Obama is the captain of this ship, and the responsibility for this country begins and ends with him.

This is my complaint to the media. For whatever reason you are out of step with how to handle this situation, you have taken on the role of nanny for Obama; constantly making excuses for his inept behavior. This role would have been unthinkable with the previous administration.

The President is just a man, and therefore should be held to the same standards as any other leader. It is not, nor should it ever be, the role of any journalistic outfit to cover up a president’s mistakes because he is a representation of your ideology. Your first, and only true priority is to be steward of the ideal your craft holds most sacred, which is the truth. I hold you at fault for refusing to expose Obama’s incompetent behavior that he has so obviously displayed throughout the past four years. Your refusal to play fair, and allow the American public exposure to an honest assessment of both candidates during this election makes you unworthy to call yourselves journalists.

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  1. Amen, Rebecca. So many good points are made here, especially calling out the media and government’s forsaking free speech. I am visiting family in Collierville and would enjoy meeting up with a fellow conservative to watch some football on Sunday if you are free!

  2. How true. No one (in their right mind) trusts the mainstream media any longer due to the exact points you make. If only those who made a choice to go into this profession would be true to their calling, they’d have our respect. Until then, biased journalist hacks are the court jesters of the kingdom.

  3. a complete collection of rant and nonsense ! Nothing but opinion, assumptions and speculation.
    Like President Obama said on 60 Minutes – if Romney wants another war he should say so

    • I wrote this before the 60minutes episode came out. This has been a compilation of observations based on the Media’s obvious bias and attempts to smooth over Obama’s missteps. And it is an opinion piece, I didn’t pretend it was anything else. It is not based on mere conjecture. Do you really think if Romney had a brother living in third world poverty he wouldn’t be crucified by the media?

  4. I only have two words to say about this article.

    SPOT ON!

    Keep up the good journalism. Well rounded, article with a good thesis, provided the facts, and provided a great conclusion. This is how journalism should be done. Dont worry about the naysayers, if they had half a brain, and could think for themselves, they would not criticize this article.


  5. Like your blog. Keep up the good work and God bless.

    You might like this poem by Poet Pete addressed to the media.
    What Is Wrong With You People?

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